Bowlerite – Yorkshire Jewellery Company


What, exactly, is Bowlerite? Quite simply, it is the outer shell of a Tenpin bowling ball. Bowlerite is usually made from polyurethane, urethane or polyester resin.

Yorkshire Jewellery Company sources it’s  bowling balls from all around the U.K.

These bowling balls are usually damaged or have personalised engraving on them which makes the secondhand value relatively low.

We now have in excess of 20 colours of bowling balls and most have swirls and different tones in them.

Here are some examples of a few of the bowling balls that we have in stock.  

To process the bowling balls we use 2 saws to convert the bowlerite into jewellery cabochons

At Yorkshire Jewellery Company we use a large steel cutting bandsaw to process the ball into small pieces.

We then use a diamond blade slitting saw to process the material near to the size

The Bowlerite is then cut, ground, sanded and polished which when set or mounted results in a beautiful piece of handcrafted jewellery.

We love up cycling and Fordite is another example a material that makes beautiful and unique Jewellery.