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Meet the Team

Roger Metcalfe 

From the age of 10 I had a passion for sea fishing on the coast between Saltburn and Whitby. This was where I first came across Whitby Jet whilst looking for peeler crabs which were used for bait.

My fishing hobby also led to an obsession in looking for Whitby Jet. Once I had become proficient at finding Whitby Jet I then used my engineering experience to develop techniques to work the Jet and attain a wide range of silversmithing skills.

My son Robert has always been keen to develop a business together and I passed on the all my knowledge and experience.

I feel very privileged to be able to work along side and share the same passion as my Son and I am now safe in the knowledge that our Teamwork will definitely make the dream work.

Rob Metcalfe 

I always remained curious about my old man’s interest in collecting Whitby Jet and after spending some time as a qualified engineer working away, I was keen to return home to start discovering more of our beautiful coastline. It was from there I developed my own passion for collecting and understanding how to work Whitby Jet to create unique handcrafted Jewellery. I love the creative process and I am passionate about developing new ideas and products and now I am enjoying developing our father and son business!



Sam rarely misses an opportunity to come Jet collecting. He has always shown a keen interest in finding a variety of minerals and wood from the shores local to Whitby.

On the 2nd October 2015 on a day that his Dad was searching at Runswick Bay along side another well known collector Sam decided to show them both how it should be done. He after sometime spent digging in a shallow pool came over to them and dropped a 1lb 7oz lump of top quality Whitby Jet at his Dads feet.

This meant that he was definitely Top Dog on that day and was rewarded with a couple of slices of thick cut Yorkshire ham in the hope that this amazing skill could be repeated.