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Our Team

How it all began?



Roger Metcalfe 

From the age of 10 I had a passion for sea fishing on the coast between Saltburn and Whitby. This was where I first came across Whitby Jet whilst looking for peeler crabs which were used for bait.

My fishing hobby also led to an obsession in looking for Whitby Jet. Once I had become proficient at finding Whitby Jet I then used my engineering experience to develop techniques to work the Jet and attain a wide range of silversmithing skills.

My son Robert has always been keen to develop a business together and I passed on the all my knowledge and experience.

I feel very privileged to be able to work along side and share the same passion as my Son and I am now safe in the knowledge that our Teamwork will definitely make the dream work.

Rob Metcalfe 

I always remained curious about my old man’s interest in collecting Whitby Jet and after spending some time as a qualified engineer working away, I was keen to return home to start discovering more of our beautiful coastline. It was from there I developed my own passion for collecting and understanding how to work Whitby Jet to create unique handcrafted Jewellery. I love the creative process and I am passionate about developing new ideas and products and now I am enjoying developing our father and son business!